Leap Ahead of Prospecting Clutter

How about trying a bold approach to prospecting?   Consider sending an unsolicited proposal to a select number of prospects!   In addition to conventional prospect campaigns, provoke conversations directly with the right C-level prospect with a focused Demand Generation initiative.

Packaging current capabilities with a spiffy cover letter and request for a meeting is insufficient.  Gaining attention above commodity noise requires 1) specific target and industry discovery, 2) creative, knowledgeable, & unique business insight, and 3) expecting reward for your efforts and ideas.

Organizations should demand and inspect selling activity.  Activity alone merely relies on “me too’ methodology failing to bust through commodity and pricing comparatives with competition.  Sales people who develop proficiency to trigger ideas and actions for their customer C-level sponsors to succeed … earn the right to meet.  An unsolicited proposal stimulates business dialogue leading to innovative big deal opportunities.   Operationalizing Demand Generation techniques create quality pipeline and sustained growth.

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