McKinsey & Company’s The sales secrets of high-growth companies” is insightful for growth success.  Read the article here.  Summary of McKinsey’s 5 highlights:

  1. Commit to the Future
  2. Utilize Digital Channels
  3. Harness Full Range of Sales Analytics
  4. Invest in your People
  5. Alignment of Leadership Action with Vision

Progressive sales people thirst to lead … in their sales opportunities.  They are the front line that intersects discussion with their client’s future and your company’s vision.  Demeaning sales people in complex B2B environments by having them manage robotic activity only succumbs them to the pressure of competitive product and price comparatives.

By encouraging sales people to bridge dialogue at their C-level clients for future innovation; selling becomes a preemptive catalyst for sustained growth momentum.    Magis Demand Generation applies unsolicited proposal and other techniques to provide practical means for sales personnel to achieve status with Client business leaders.  Investment to develop these skills and proficiency is required table stakes.

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