Where is the Giant’s Hole?


“I fear nothing when I am in the right. Whoever pushes me around will find me full of fight.”

Jack, Jack and the Beanstalk

Just to provoke ideation for those looking to start a new business or expand an existing one … find holes in industry business giants.  We have had some experience in this matter with companies that broke the backs of monopolies in telecommunications.

  • Where are customers dissatisfied with a complacent market leader?
  • Are there inefficiencies in the buying or delivery process of a giant?
  • Where are prices and profitability too high in near monopoly situations?
  • How can innovation disconnect giants from their customers or suppliers?
  • Is regulation holding a giant back where a smaller and faster competitor can emerge?

Seems daunting or unwise to pick a fight with the bully on the block. Jumping in with a stealth plan, executing with disruption, can surprise.  The giant’s tendency toward hubris opens opportunity. 

Consider brainstorming if you see an end or a slowing in sight for your own business model and/or to seek ways to grow revenue, profits, and value.

the magis team

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