Interesting perspective on Carlos Ghosn’s current troubles. While it appears to be because of tax evasion, maybe the real reason is that Nissan’s new leadership want him ousted because of his autocratic leadership style and/or because he had just too much power. Great read attached from [email protected] 

A study of Hall of Fame players and coaches from Championship teams offers one correlation.  Since it takes 5 years minimum after retirement for Hall of Fame eligibility, we researched 1950 through 2000 and randomly selected a sample of 20 teams from Baseball and Football.

19 of 20 teams produced at least 3 Hall of Fame players.  The only outlier is the 1990 Cincinnati Reds, with only one.  Three teams stood out.  The 1960 and 65 champion Green Bay Packers (11) and 1955 and 1965 Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers (8) produced multiple Hall of Fame players.  Millennial age fans of the Cleveland Browns would be surprised to learn that 9 Hall of Famers came from their 1950 and 1955 NFL Champion teams.

Possibly more profound is the preponderance of Hall of Fame coaches from this study group.  Of 20 teams, 15 were led by current Hall of Fame inductees.  That list of leaders includes Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown, Chuck Noll from football and Casey Stengel, Walter Alston, and Earl Weaver from baseball.

The list of player Hall of Famers from our study group included the likes of Dimaggio, Clemente, Koufax, Graham, Starr, Bradshaw, Payton, Unitas, Robinson, Groza, Hornung, Bench, and other greats.  More than 100 Hall of Fame inductees hail from these rosters.

It may be worth considering if our organization breeds a culture of individual and team excellence.