The “Red Zone” in football represents the final 20 yards to score.  Length of a football field is 100 yards. It’s that last 20 yards where competition is fiercest and defenses stiffen.

Researching teams most efficient scoring touchdowns in the “Red Zone” offer a sharp contrast between winners and losers.  In 2015, the best team scoring touchdowns from the Red Zone was the Carolina Panthers.  Carolina finished with a league best 15 wins and one loss and a 69.4% red zone touchdown scoring proficiency.  The team with the lowest proficiency (38.3%), the Cleveland Browns, finished with an NFL league worst record of 3 wins – 13 losses.

No doubt your business manages a rigorous sales pipeline.  And, that final closing section bears resemblance to football’s “Selling Red Zone.”  The final 20 yards in selling is no time to relax!  Nearest the goal line, obstacles are raised and competition toughest.   Fighting to gain turf positioning for success is great; but scoring is the only reward.

Several Closing techniques exist.   One area to consider is scheduling a face to face meeting to validate your position with the most senior decision-making levels.   Don’t assume success, fight till the very end.