C-Level Buyers disdain advances from sales people.  It’s understandable.  Your time is precious and demands growing business and quashing daily fires are overwhelming.  There are rarely enough resources of time, people, or capital to meet all opportunities and challenges.

But, be-AWARE, some of the best resources are those sales people courting your business.   Premier sales people eagerly work provocatively and creatively for your benefit.  Sure, they survive by selling, but are also your voice to their company’s capital and resources to inspire and earn your business.  A great sales person is the window from your business to theirs.  The best work tirelessly under great pressure to close business by driving to alignment where value is maximized.

C-level executives should be receptive and manage to their advantage.  This is the same behavior they expect from their own sales people to increase revenue and strengthen business partnerships.   Organizations trend to myopic.  A sales person can assist you achieve your business objectives by introducing fresh ideas that leverage their products and services to deliver results.

The best sales people are motivated and trained to help you achieve success – they may prove to be some of your best resources.