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Buyer Be-Aware

C-Level Buyers disdain advances from sales people.  It’s understandable.  Your time is precious and demands growing business and quashing daily fires are overwhelming.  There are rarely enough resources of time, people, or capital to meet all opportunities and challenges. But, be-AWARE, some of the best resources are those sales people courting your business.   Premier sales […]

Sales People Are Lazy

Before my fellow sales friends blast this declaration, selling is the most difficult job in the company!   Customers’ financial and procurement process stifles creativity and discount value and innovation.  That effectively and purposefully boxes vendors into commodity pricing comparatives. Sales people must ignite business ideation discussions.  Sales management too often inflates value of CRM and […]

McKinsey View of Sales Growth is Smart

McKinsey & Company’s “The sales secrets of high-growth companies” is insightful for growth success.  Read the article here.  Summary of McKinsey’s 5 highlights: Commit to the Future Utilize Digital Channels Harness Full Range of Sales Analytics Invest in your People Alignment of Leadership Action with Vision Progressive sales people thirst to lead … in their […]

Leap Ahead of Prospecting Clutter

How about trying a bold approach to prospecting?   Consider sending an unsolicited proposal to a select number of prospects!   In addition to conventional prospect campaigns, provoke conversations directly with the right C-level prospect with a focused Demand Generation initiative. Packaging current capabilities with a spiffy cover letter and request for a meeting is insufficient.  Gaining […]

“Checkers to Chess” Revisited

“Checkers to Chess” was first published in the Journal of Selling & Major Account Management.  Experiences validated our thesis and encouraged us to further develop methods to shape productive dialogue between sales people and their clients’ C-level and business executives. IBM’s study “Redefining Competition Insights from the Global C-suite Study – The CEO perspective” emphasizes […]

Measurement as Predictor of Future Value

Predicting future success is risky.  Mostly, investors define value based on historical data of cash flows with analysis of market trends, comparable values, management ability, and forecasts with macro-economic indicators to balance findings. These metrics don’t dig deep enough.    Buyers camouflage real forecast with obsession for EBITDA growth defining value heavily weighted on multiples of […]

The Selling “Red Zone”

The “Red Zone” in football represents the final 20 yards to score.  Length of a football field is 100 yards. It’s that last 20 yards where competition is fiercest and defenses stiffen. Researching teams most efficient scoring touchdowns in the “Red Zone” offer a sharp contrast between winners and losers.  In 2015, the best team […]