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The Case for Small Business Strategic Planning

Some executives challenge the value of Strategic Planning particularly for Small Businesses, defined here as companies with <$25M Revenue.  A few even argue that it is inappropriate ().  For all those naysayers, the four most commonly cited reasons are: 1) no time, 2) big cost, 3) small payoff, and 4) plans are short-lived.  Let’s look […]

What’s Your Patent Strategy?

While the intellectual property (IP) wars between mega-businesses like Microsoft and Uber make headlines, the magis group has found that many small to medium-sized business leaders have not considered (or simply do not know that they should consider) the importance of patent strategy in protecting their business from competitive incursion. Mark McCareins, Clinical Professor of […]


It may be time to abandon the white paper as a demand generation tactic for B2B sales environments. For many, white papers have outlived their usefulness – because if marketers and sellers are honest with themselves there’s little to show for their investments in time, energy and effort. In short, the ROI just doesn’t add […]

What Makes a Championship Team?

A study of Hall of Fame players and coaches from Championship teams offers one correlation.  Since it takes 5 years minimum after retirement for Hall of Fame eligibility, we researched 1950 through 2000 and randomly selected a sample of 20 teams from Baseball and Football. 19 of 20 teams produced at least 3 Hall of […]